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Indonesia Travel..!!

About Indonesia

Indonesia provides different variety of places for visitors. It has a full package of adventures places for daring peoples. In Indonesia various places are available for every category of populations. There are different beautiful beaches, many traditional temples, museums and as well as adventurous places. Most of the popular places to visit in Indonesia are Bali for its Puri Jagannath temple and Jakarta for its beaches. In these beaches not only in day but also night parties are organized for dancing, singing and several other entertainment activities. Lake Toba can also be seen mostly here in Sumatra Island by travelers because it is the largest lake in the whole world. Java is famous for its volcanoes in world and it is places between Bali and Sumatra Island. This country has also national parks in which Mount Leuser and Bali Barat are one of the finest national parks to visit for tourists in Sumatra. Sumatra jungles, Colorado River and Berbak which contain large population of tigers are adventurous places. Java is one of the most visiting Islands here in Indonesia. It is also called heart of Indonesia. Taman sari is also a visiting places which was used by great kings and queens bathed and their relaxations.

CULTURE AT Indonesia

Every country represents its own unified culture which mainly different from other country. Hindu culture can be seen in most of the Indonesian’s island. Indonesian culture is famous for its versatility because of its natural beauty. Its cultural atmosphere is also responsible for the effect of neighboring country. The reason behind of this is former Majapahit empire which gives traditional Hindu culture for Indonesians. Indonesian culture is famous for its art which is Wayang kuilt shadow puppetry where different types of scenes of Ramayana and Mahabharata and other famous folk stories. Several populations of Indonesia also adopted Arabic culture as a type of Islam. Indonesian culture is also popular for its batik clothes and Kris daggers. Singing and dancing is also in the atmosphere in Indonesia. Many of popular singers and dancers birth here. Indonesia is one of the countries who have large number of Muslims. So Islam is one of the main religions in culture of this nation. In spite of more Muslim population Christians, Buddhist and protestanismtist are also religions which are faithfully preserved by more peoples here. The real sprit of Indonesian culture can be seen in its musical and dancing activities. There are different types of categories of cultural activities organized by Indonesian government in all the season so that travelers can actually feel the traditional culture of here. Ubud can also be travelled by visitors for rice fields. Kuta is also visited for its awesome beaches, dining and beautiful resorts.

Cities to travel

Indonesia is one of the tourism place which delight’s tourist. There are many beautiful places to visit here. It’s the country for attraction of the natural lovers to feel the natural beauty of this country. Main places are its capital Jakarta, awesome beach of Jakarta and various islands like Sumatra, java and Kalimantan. Because of the wonderful visiting places, percentage of arriving tourists is increasing tremendously year by year. Most of the parts of this country are situated around the sea on the islands. Java and Sumatra are most of the visiting islands by passengers. Many of the older temples like Prambanan and Borobudur etc are favorite visiting places for cultural lovers. Due to the availability of natural heritages, that gives unique mixture of tropical climates for this nation. An island Bali, in which many Hindu festivals are celebrated is also a religious place for travelers. Various Hindu temples are situated in Bali but Puri Jagannath temple is one of the famous visiting temples which are dedicated to Hyang Widi Wasa. This temple shows various modern art, architectural models and statue of turtles. Java is one the populated island in Indonesian where most of the tourist come to visit its attractive places and temples. There are various beautiful beaches in its Jakarta Island where climate is mostly remaining warm and wet. In its beaches, people love to visit in dry seasons for enjoying in fairs which are the most common attraction of travelers.